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Excess Weight and Chiropractic Care


Obesity is a widespread problem, and the reasons for the situation are many. People who regularly overindulge and/or forego the right meal selections may do so because life can be stressful, it feels comforting to eat certain foods, it occupies time, or a combination of assorted reasons. Whatever the cause, too much weight is not beneficial for our bodies. It can negatively impact muscles, affect bones, spur on melancholy moods (depression), clog our arteries, lead to high cholesterol and heart disease, and the list goes on.

How does a chiropractor treat obesity? Well, some practitioners have their own individualized methods, but the steps likely include the following:

  • Suggestions on diet. The food choices we make have an enormous impact on our health. When we regularly take in processed, fatty, sugary, and unwholesome foods, our bodies suffer the consequences. Switching to a diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables (particularly the green, leafy variety), and high-quality protein (like cold-water fish, beans, and fermented soy) is extremely beneficial because these foods produce a greater degree of well-being. It’s also important to keep in mind that certain drinks can be harmful, as well. For instance, soda, even the diet variety, is not favorable to losing weight or staying healthy. On the other hand, liquids like purified water and green tea are great choices.
  • Exercise. Exercise is major factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and it is especially crucial for individuals who want to lose weight. A routine that includes aerobic activity (like fast walking) and weight bearing exercises (like lifting weights) can stimulate the metabolism, increase circulation, and aid in shedding pounds. Yoga and Pilates are also fabulous choices; in addition to burning calories, encouraging better circulation, and helping the metabolism work more efficiently, these workouts also enhance balance, improve range of motion, and encourage a positive outlook.
  • Adjustments. Overweight people sometimes have difficulty getting around without experiencing some type of discomfort. They struggle with knee pain, hip soreness, back aches, neck stiffness, etc. And, when pain is present, who wants to exercise? Chiropractors perform a comprehensive examination to determine the source of the pain. Based on the findings, different stretching techniques and adjustments work to restore alignment so the body is better balanced and free of distress. Then, exercise becomes pleasing instead of daunting.

Obesity is a struggle for a number of people, but there are effective ways to overcome this health risk. So, if too many pounds are dragging you down, call Healing Hands Chiropractic Care today and start journeying down a healthier road.