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Doctor Cao is an angel! She relieves my severe SI joint and back pain. I came to her bent over, in tears and in so much pain… She listens! She is a miracle doctor! She is so compassionate and caring. I can’t say enough great things about her. Thank you so much for staying open during COVID-19! You put me back on my feet. You are a true Hero! 

– T. LaPrade 05/20

This was my first time seeing a chiropractor and also my first time seeing one in pregnancy! The office was clean, smelled so nice, had water, lotion and hand sanitizer available. Front staff was friendly, professional. Dr. Cao listened to my issue, explained her plan and then did her adjustments. I felt an inch taller leaving the office! I’ll be going back to see her again! I slept very well after that visit! Highly recommend her to pregnant women in need of pain relief, or even massage as she has a masseuse on site as well.

– M. Kelly 01/20

Dr. Cao is amazing! She not only puts you back into alignment but also does muscle work, which I think sets her practice above the others. The office is peaceful and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Cao!

– Mara E. 10/19

My back/ hip pain has been an issue since becoming pregnant 21 years ago. I assumed that it was normal and learned to live with it. Back in Dec 2018 the back pain that I had been dealing with was at it’s absolute worse. Being on 39 years old, tiny framed, healthy, energetic nurse and mom of six, I was feeling totally defeated. I hurt to sit, stand, walk & even sleep. Then the day came and I googled every chiropractor within 20 miles. I was put on all their waitlist including Dr. Cao. By the end of that day the sweetest secretary called me to offer me an appt for a same day cancellation (in 10 mins). I cried ecstatically and accepted. The office was relaxing and secretary was so caring as I was still crying. A few minutes later I was able to see the doctor. Still in tears due to the pain, I just poured out everything I was feeling, and from that day forward my over health took a change for the best. It took multiple visits to fix 21 years of neglect but she did it. Within two months (maybe 5/6 visits) I was 100 %. Not one lingering pain. It has been 8 months and I go 1x a month faithfully for maintenance. Realizing that pain and ibuprofen are not the normal way of living took some getting used too. I would give Dr. Cao more than 5 stars if possible. Thanks again!

– Melissa J. 08/19

I’m 48 yrs old with a long history of back issues. When I came to Dr. Cao few months ago I could barely move, daily activities like getting dressed, get in and out of my car or get in and out of bed caused excruciating pain. Dr. Cao tried different techniques and she finally pin pointed the one that works for me. The spasms are close to none. I am finally able to move without having to stop in my tracks frozen by the pain. It’s only going to get better.
All I can say is Thank You!

– E. Munoz 05/19

There isn’t anyone that relieves my hip, back, and neck pain like Dr. Cao. I ALWAYS come out better than I went in which wasn’t always the case when seeing a chiropractor. She’s a miracle worker with the strongest hands I’ve ever known! She listens and then fixes … she’s so compassionate and caring. I can’t say enough great things about her. Fabulous staff – Kate and Christina are friendly and efficient. And Kim’s massages are beyond wonderful! This is definitely the best package deal I’ve known in a long, long time.

– M. Lucier 11/17

We have been seeing Dr. Cao for years and she is the best Chiropractor ever! Also Kim does the best therapeutic massages!! I highly recommend Healing Hands to fix what hurts!

– C. Jones 3/17

Very happy with the care I received here. The chiropractor is an angel. I wasn’t able to bend over before coming in and after leaving the first session I immediately could do so without any pain. Thank you!

– T. Dernulc 1/17

This is the best chriropractic office I have been to in my life. I am a very active person, often straining my back or neck will backpacking, lifting, etc. Dr. Kelly Cao and her staff always have me feeling 100 percent, often in as little time as one visit. I can’t say enough good things!

-P. Ellis 8/16

I first came to Healing Hands Chiropractic for neck, shoulder and arm pain. Dr. Cao was amazingly helpful, and I felt better within a few sessions. Then she suggested that I also utilize the massage component of the practice, and I was so happy with the results!

Unfortunately, this was right before Christmas, and before I knew it, I had lower back pain as well. So my focus changed, but again, both facets of the treatment were so helpful.

I think what I love most about this practice is the people. The desk staff, the massage therapists, and Dr. Cao are all thorough, kind, and informative. The building itself is beautiful, and the atmosphere is more like a spa than a medical office, which I really enjoy. I feel like I am indulging myself when I go there!

– N. Spivey 3/15

I suffer from sever neck pain and headache’s. For a very long time nothing would subside the pain. I finally found Dr. Cao and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. She was extremely inviting and made me feel comfortable. I can actually say that I have little to no pain since i’ve been seeing Dr. Cao! I highly recommend her, she is amazing at what she does! I am now addicted!!!

– N. Horgan 6/15

I was hit by a car and suffered a separated shoulder and neck pain caused by whiplash. When I went to the hospital the first doctor I saw suggested surgery. I was a little on the fence about it because I had never received surgery before and the doctor said although it would help there would always be chance of a re-injury. The second doctor I saw suggested I see a chiropractor. I can definitely say that Dr. Cao and Healing Hands Chiropractic was the best choice. Their excellent service and welcoming environment has healed my shoulder and neck pain back to 100%. I cant thank them enough!

– C. Oconnor 6/15

I had been having shoulder problems and diagnosed by an orthopedic with inflammation of the AC joint and bicep tendonitis. His answer was a cortisone shot. This was effective for about 2 weeks and I was constantly in pain and could not work out with the stamina I was used too. It was recommended that I try a chiropractor- Dr. Cao. I had no experience with a chiropractor and assumed it was a treatment for the bones so I was skeptical. How is a bone doctor going to help my muscles and pains? Very early on in treatment I realized how wrong I was. Dr. Cao has worked every muscle and tissue area around my shoulder and I am not in pain anymore. I get immediate relief from each treatment. I have adjustments on my neck and spine also which alleviate most of the tension in my back and shoulders. She also targets areas in my hip and leg that I didn’t realize I was having problems with. I walk out of her office upright and in no pain! I have seen a decline in the amount of headaches and migraines I was used to getting. I also go for massage treatment in her office. You have not had a massage until you get a chiropractic massage. It works in conjunction with the treatment I am getting from Dr. Cao and has been very effective in my recovery. Not to mention the great feeling and relaxation you should get from a massage. I was worried I would be on shots and in pain for the rest of my life. I am working out strong again with my shoulder and gaining strength back in it all the times. I have been receiving treatment for 2 months and I can honestly say it has made an incredible difference. I am working toward being 100% again with the help of Dr. Cao and her massage therapist Kim. I would recommend this to anyone in pain and not getting any relief from their current treatments….

– J. Oconnor 6/14

I have been suffering from lower back, hip, and leg pain for about 10 years due to sports related injuries. After receiving my MRI, and seeing doctors and chiropractors without any real relief, I essentially gave up. I figured, “It is what it is” and I’ll just learn to live with it. After having my son two years ago, and realizing that I wanted to be able to pick him up, play with him, go for long walks, and not be using a cane at 38 years old, I decided to look for another option. I looked for a chiropractor that was near my workplace and found Healing Hands. Upon my initial visit, I knew something was different than places I’d been or providers I’ve seen previously. Kelly took a personal interest in my case, and was intent on finding out how she could find some relief for me. I have only been going to Kelly for about a month now, and upon my last visit, I proudly told her that I “feel better than I have in about 5-6 years”. With each visit, I feel marked improvement, and I feel like I’m a true participant in my own treatment. Kelly listens to you, talks about what she thinks the issue may be, and then explains in detail the treatment you’ll receive and how that will affect you. She refuses to let you give up, and always says that “pain is not supposed to be a lifestyle.” Under her care, I’m starting to see exactly what she means. You don’t have to just accept the fact that you’re getting older and will have nagging pain. There is something you can do. I am so glad that I found Healing Hands and would recommend Kelly to anyone who is experiencing pain and thinks there is no other options for them. Thank you Kelly!

– K. Melanson 6/14

A few years ago I moved to Worcester and needed to locate local chiropractic care. After years of hip and back pain, and unsuccessful steroid injections, I needed to try chiropractic again. After an internet search, I chose Dr. Cao because she had excellent reviews from other clients. I had 4 or 5 visits and for the first time my hip pain was gone! I have never been more satisfied with treatment for my pain. Of course, I have to return occasionally, because I just keep getting older and having pain in other areas And I’ll always return to Dr. Cao.🙂

– Stephanie F. 5/14

It was not till 3 months after my rollover car accident I discovered extreme discomfort in my entire back and hips. Eager to recover, but anxious to find someone I was comfortable with and that would actually correct the issues I was experiencing, I searched for a chiropractor in the Worcester area. I stumbled upon Healing Hands and thought I’d give them a try. I cannot say how glad I am that I had. I left my first appointment with Dr. Kelly Cao and felt literally “healed.” The heat treatment and adjustment were completely painless and all my pain was gone. But due to her expertise I did learn it would take continuous treatment to completely recover. Worried I could not pay out of pocket I filled out my PIP application for my Insurance and my treatment was completely covered by my car insurance and State Health Insurance. So as the pain returned so did I to Healing Hands. My weekly visits have significantly subsided my pain and I am confident in my decision to see Dr. Cao.

– A. Garlicki 4/14

I had bad back pain, and honestly thought I was disabled permanently. A couple of sessions with Kelly really did the trick. Brilliant chiropractor, and the masseuses there are good too.

– Joseph 12/2013

For a long time I wanted to try a chiropractor and was afraid because i did not have enough information regarding the practice. I have had for a long time tension in my lower back and my shoulders with lots of pain. I tried heat and muscle rubbing lotions to only temporary relief because I was not getting the issue resolved I was just patching it. I looked on my insurance companies website to see who accepted my insurance for chiropractor services and seen many but Healing Hands was 3 minutes from my home. I called in and had a consultation the following day that was a plus. By the 2nd appointment I had no more lower back pain after years of struggling with it. Finally able to wear my stilettos was a magnificent accomplishment. My shoulders need a bit more work to loosen up but now is just tension on the shoulders NO more pain!. I will recommend this business to anyone that is looking for relief without any success.

– Arelis 11/13

For several years I’ve experienced intermittent back pain and have been, let’s just say, living with it. As an adult who sits hunched over at her computer most of her work day, the problem has only become more consistent. Dr. Cao was referred to me by a friend who was tired of hearing me complain about my back. I was skeptical as I never considered myself in too bad shape. When I walked up to her building and saw a sign in the window that read, “pain is not a lifestyle,” I felt a surge of hope. After being adjusted I immediately felt as though someone had hit a re-set button for me. I realized that I had been living in pain and accepting that. I’m happy to say, not anymore! Dr. Cao is becoming an essential resource for me. I’ve been able to rely on her for answers to a range of health care issues. She is very knowledgeable and attentive. Dr. Cao and staff have always been welcoming and professional. The office is a small, nice, clean space with a peaceful setting. I highly recommend the practice to anyone seeking preventive or therapeutic chiropractic treatment.

-Aveda 10/13

Since I was a teenager I have battled with Si joint pain, debilitating at times. I have seen multiple doctors, had x-rays, with no results except more pain. I was visiting home during the holidays when my back acted up, my brother had me see Dr. Cao… I haven’t been the same since! I saw her twice a week for 3 weeks, she was attentive, and calming. She listened to my problems and created a recovery plan. By the time I left, my back was in the best condition it had ever been.

As part of continuing maintenance I found a chiropractor where I lived. Little did I know I was spoiled by Dr. Cao, the new doctor was terrible! I felt like I was being pushed through an assembly line. I have tried to find a Dr. near me that could replace Dr. Cao, but I had no such luck. I gave up and just decided to trek from Boston to Worcester once a month and get adjusted, I also line up a hot stone massage at the office to make the trip worth my while 🙂

Dr. Cao and the Healing Hands team are the best! Thanks for changing my life!

-Jared 2/13

“Thank you very much for helping me regain full function of my left hip, which was injured last spring. As you know, the pain in my hip had increased steadily for several months before I followed the advice of two friends who recommended I see you for treatment. It was my good fortune to take their advice!

After evaluating my condition, you went to work right away to bring my hip back to its proper alignment. I was surprised at how quickly my hip recovered, and am grateful to report that it is fully functional and pain free. The treatments you have given to my right knee and lower back have also been successful, and I’m thankful to be able to move easily again. You and your office manager, Wendy, are always welcoming, and I am pleased to recommend your services to anyone who is looking for quality chiropractic care.”

-Barbara 12/12

“I have had neck pain for many years due to my line of work as an office manager and being at a computer all day. I was currently suffering migraine headaches for 4 days due to head and neck pain. I was in need of a new chiropractor because mine had retired. When I did research I was led to Dr. Kelly Cao. I had the pleasure to speak with the office manager, Wendy, who was both professional and friendly and took the time to answer questions I had regarding the practice. I was given two appointments immediately; one for an exam and one for treatment.

I had a thorough examination with Dr. Cao, who is very professional and compassionate. She took her time to evaluate my situation and address my concerns. She offered two different types of treatment for adjustment to realign my neck to alleviate the pain. I let her make the decision for hands on adjustment verses the activator because she felt it would resolve the pain better. After my treatment my headache was gone and my neck felt great! I was given instructions for home care and returned for two more appointments within the next week due to the severity. I did not need to to return for two weeks. She also discussed my foot pain and gave me options for orthotics and gave me a catalog for shoes due to my recent foot surgery. I now return to my original maintenance care every three to four weeks. My neck pain is under control and my migraines have not returned! Dr. Cao also has two massage therapists which I intend to schedule next month.

I now know why the practice name is Healing Hands. Dr. Cao truly has healing hands and cares about your health. I now recommend Healing Hands to my family and friends.”

Anne W. 10/12

“I am a 40 year old male. I have been dealing with testicle and groin pain for years off and on. I have been through several different types of treatment for both the groin pain and low back issues over the past 10 years. I have finally found relief from the pain with Dr. Cao!

I had a great phone consultation with the Healing Hands office before going in to meet with Dr. Cao. She listened to my story, answered all of my questions and then proposed her treatment plan.

She explained that she believed that my low back issues were most likely causing a referred pain into my groin area and testicles. I honestly did not believe her at first even though I really wanted to…

I had been to two other Chiropractors, three different back surgeons, and a urologist who all drew no correlation between my low back and the groin and testicle pain. I even had asked that exact question, and all of them assured me that there was no correlation between the two.

Dr. Cao first began by realigning my hips and then by performing deep medical massage in some key areas. After just a couple of weeks, I am pain free! I am continuing with my treatment to ensure that my hips will stay in line and so that I can even further loosen up the areas of my back that have been tight for so many years.

I would highly recommend Dr. Cao to anyone that has pain. She is a fantastic Doctor. Unlike most doctors that I have seen in the past, she listens and then addresses the issue with a comprehensive approach which combines Chiropractic Adjustment and Medical Massage. The bottom line is…. It Works!

I can’t thank you enough Dr. Cao for relieving me of my pain!”

-Jim (Shrewsbury, MA) 5/12

“A couple of months ago my 6 year old son fell off the parallel bars at the playground. When he fell he flipped forwards and landed on the back of his neck and upper back. For a few weeks we tried the route of ice/heat and Tylenol for his pain but were unsuccessful. I hesitated to take him to his pediatrician since I was sure she’d tell us to continue what we were doing and then possibly send him for x-rays.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Cao for myself and thinking chiropractic adjustments would put an end to Sean’s pain much quicker than traditional medicine’s methods, I asked if she treats children. Thankfully, Dr. Cao does in fact treat children and my insurance covers the visits.

The day after my son’s first visit with Dr. Cao, he was pain free! She asked to see Sean a couple weeks later to be sure his adjustments held and now he is completely fine. Should he, or his brothers, have any falls or injuries involving their backs and/or necks in the future our first stop will be to the chiropractor.”

-Scott 8/11

I was referred to Dr. Cao by my regular doctor back in January, for ongoing back pain. I had been in Physical Therapy for a month, and was not improving at all from it. I was unable to take any pain meds or have any other procedures for the pain because I was in my 1st trimester of pregnancy with twins.

I was impressed right from my 1st visit, when Dr. Cao was able to tell me where my pain was by looking at my back, rather than me having to give a detailed explanation like I had done with my doctor, and physical therapist. Dr. Cao has followed me throughout my pregnancy, and has been able to keep my pain manageable. She has also been extremely helpful in offering advice in how to remain comfortable while carrying the extra weight of twins.

Healing Hands is a very warm and inviting environment. I look forward to my visits there, because they are often the most relaxing part of my week. I highly recommend Healing Hands to anyone in need of help with back pain, but especially to pregnant women whose backs go through so much extra stress with the weight of pregnancy, and do not have a lot of other options.

-Suzanne D 5/11


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