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A More Natural Approach to Everyday Products

Natural Products

Harmful substances have made their way into our surroundings and do not appear to be going anywhere.  Some people buy unsafe products without realizing they could be hazardous.  Regrettably, toxic materials can affect our environment, health, and longevity.


Fortunately, there are measures we can take to reduce the risks.  Here are some thoughts.

    • Read food labels.  Foods that are highly processed may contain artificial additives and other undesirable ingredients.  At the same time, products deemed all natural could be made with genetically modified soybean, corn, or canola oil (at this time, GMO labeling is not required).  Naturally, we have to eat to stay healthy; therefore, it is wise to buy organic whenever possible.  Organic foods are generally more expensive, which sometimes limits their appeal.  Still, they are often made without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, MSG, fertilizers, and genetic modification.  The body is a high-performance machine; when we give it the right fuel, it performs at its best.  On the other hand, when unnatural or inferior ingredients are mixed in, its performance and longevity become compromised.


    • Install a water filter.  If you have concerns about your drinking water, it is always best to have it tested: clean water is important to health.  Tap water, and even some brands of bottled water, can contain unsafe microorganisms and chemicals.  If these elements present in only trace amounts, everything might be okay.  However, in some situations, the numbers are alarming.  Water filters make sense because they remove many impurities.  Models vary in price and quality, so it is best to research the options to find the one that’s right for you.


    • Choose natural toiletries, soaps, dish cleaners, dryer sheets, laundry detergent, paper products, shampoos, cosmetics, etc.  A number of products we regularly choose are tainted with chemicals.  Yet, marketing ploys package them as the best we can buy.  Disregard the hype and look for brands devoid of questionable ingredients.  A quick Internet search can point you to goods that do not use parabens and other potentially hazardous elements.  A reason to avoid harmful substances?  Certain individuals suffer allergic reactions, and some of these reactions can be serious.  Another reason?  A study with forty women who had breast cancer was conducted; they had previously undergone mastectomies, and their breast tissue was analyzed.  Almost every participant in the study (99%) had at least one paraben present in their tissue.  Many experts believe parabens could be cancer causing, so this finding is significant.


    • Use healthy cookware.  Non-stick cookware is extremely convenient.  Yet, when used at high temperatures, harmful chemicals can be released (some non-stick brands are now safer than before).  True, non-stick pots and pans may be handy if we wish to save time, but they are generally not the best choice.  Which cooking materials are preferred?  Ceramic and glass.



It is impractical to believe we can avoid all hazards, but common sense changes minimize the dangers.


Chiropractic care has traditionally emphasized a natural approach to well-being.  Correcting imbalances safely (i. e., without the use of harmful chemicals) and stressing healthy living practices are fundamental principles to this effective treatment.  Actually, chiropractic care is an invaluable therapy because it helps to keep the body functioning at its best!

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