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Enhancing Your Personal Creativity


Creativity helps individuals memorably engage in projects and remain at the top of their game.  Unsurprisingly, there are different types of creativity, and the kind a person has is often dependent on his or her proclivities, desires, and strengths.

For example, Albert Einstein was an amazingly creative person.   As we know, his theory of relativity linking space and time won him much acclaim.  Sure, certain people may dismiss his talent as unachievable genius.  Yet, we can’t ignore that his intensely imaginative nature allowed him to accomplish great things.

Einstein’s inventive spirit is not unique; Pablo Picasso was another strikingly gifted creative model.  As a pioneer in Cubism, he, along with notables such as Jean Metzinger and Georges Braque, expanded upon the abstract style of Paul Cezanne and pushed the art world into uncharted waters.

And females?  Well, Marie Curie, an early 20th century scientist revered throughout the world for her groundbreaking radioactivity research, is a fine example.  In a time when women were largely restricted from an authority standpoint, she burst through societal constraints and left her mark on research and medicine.  Genius?  Perhaps.  Creative?  Definitely.

Okay, it is probably realistic to say that most people will not be a world-renowned physicist, venerated artist, or highly regarded scientist.  Even so, everyone is creative in some way.  Regrettably, as some individuals become older, they neglect to cultivate the imaginative part of their awareness.  And, like other relationships that are not properly nurtured, creativity can go in to a holding pattern.

So, how can we remain creative?  Here are a few ways.

  • Periodically try something different.
  • Surround yourself with the things you enjoy.
  • Forgive past mistakes and go forward.
  • Read magazines and books which are non work related.
  • Spend more time with people that stimulate you.
  • Play the type of music you love. Check out Pandora and Spotify for free customizable radio stations
  • And don’t forget to appreciate the gifts and talents you possess.

See a chiropractor?  Yes, a pilot study has indicated that people who undergo adjustments can enhance their ability to generate new ideas and practically apply them to their surroundings.  In fact, these sharpened skills continued for up to one full week following an adjustment. Instead of working with a fixed set of thoughts, many subjects were able to think outside their usual box.  Results of the research appeared in the Chiropractic Journal of Australia in June 2010.  Additional studies are necessary to corroborate the findings, but preliminary indicators are encouraging.

It has been established that chiropractic care is an effectual therapy in the treatment of headaches, arthritis, backaches, neck pain, injuries, depression, and many other debilitating conditions.  Now, evidence seems to suggest that adjustments are even beneficial for heightening creativity.

Gosh, that’s exciting!

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