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Summer Athletics and Foot Health

Summertime means outdoor enjoyment.  And, for a fair number of people, it especially means making the most of open-air sports.  From tennis, to golf, to hiking, to running, this warm-weather season is filled with activity.

Runner's Foot HealthStill, did you know that foot health is extremely important when participating in athletics?  After all, our feet are our foundation because they support the entire body.  Naturally, if they become compromised, the rest of the body can be thrown off, as well.  Regrettably, foot instability can result in muscle aches, joint pain, and skeletal troubles.


Let’s look at two main types of foot problems.

1. Pronation.  Pronation takes place when the feet roll inward.  This puts added weight on the inside of the foot and can cause the knees to roll inward and the pelvis to tip forward.  Over time, pain in the feet, hips, knees, back, and even neck is possible.  Common injuries that can result from pronation include bunions and shin splints.

2. Supination.  Supination takes place when the feet roll outward.  This tends to put weight on the outside of the foot and can lead to the knees rotating outward and the pelvis tipping back.  Supination is not as common as pronation.  Even so, it can cause discomfort in various parts of the body.  Some injuries that result from supination include heels spurs and stress fractures.


orthotic insolesSo what can be done?

Orthotics.  Orthotics paves the way for enhanced athletic performance by better aligning the feet with the knees and the legs with the hips.  Fortunately, when balance is improved or restored, energy increases and muscle fatigue decreases.


Where can you get orthotics?

Healing Hands Chiropractic Care.  Our office is a Worcester expert in custom orthotics.  We utilize the coveted Associate Platinum digital scanner which accurately assesses foot problems.  At the same time, we use Foot Levelers, a renowned name in custom, in-shoe orthotics.


Why get custom?

Unlike pharmacy-bought orthotics, Foot Levelers Stabilizing Orthotics more effectively corrects foot instability and better enhances positioning of the pelvis and spine.  Naturally, this helps to restore the body back to its correct alignment.  In fact, Foot Levelers products are handcrafted and accurately molded to enhance the performance of your feet.

So, as you begin your summer athletic schedule, come in to Healing Hands Chiropractic Care to find out if you could benefit from Stabilizing Orthotics.  After all, wearing premium inserts could add cushion to your feet, balance to your body, and strength to your game.

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