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How to Select a Healthy Backpack for Your Child

August is here, and summer vacation is already nearing its end. It is “Back to School” season, and stores are putting notebooks, pencils, lunchboxes, and backpacks on display. But before you buy your child that brightly colored backpack with their favorite cartoon characters, stop and ask yourself: are you choosing a bag that will help your child effectively carry all the weight that comes with learning, or will it negatively affect their growth and alignment?

It is important to remember that the point of a backpack is to help the child carry weight. If a heavy backpack is not positioned correctly on the child’s back, it can affect the child’s growth and posture. Sometimes it may even cause injuries. Selecting a healthy backpack for your child is instrumental in ensuring that their school year will be pain-free.

What to look out for

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a backpack is the straps. The majority of the weight from the bag bears down on the shoulders, so it is imperative to consider how the design of the straps will affect the child. Choose a backpack with two straps; even if it looks cooler to hang a bag on one shoulder. Two straps will evenly distribute the weight and avoid bearing down too hard on one shoulder. Straps should also be adjustable. The heaviest part of the bag should rest at your child’s waist. Some backpacks also come with a waist strap, which can take some weight off of the shoulders.

Additionally, consider backpacks with a little extra padding on the straps and back, as they can help cushion the weight. Remember that even the best straps can still strain your child’s back, so try looking into bags with wheels. These can be pulled behind the child, and many of them come with straps as well so that they can be worn when wheeling them is not an option. There are many different types of bags out there, so look for the best one to fit your child’s needs.

Backpacks aren’t the only culprit for backaches

Buying the right backpack is key, but don’t forget that children, like adults, can develop neck and back pain through daily activities. Sitting at desks all day, playing sports, or improper posture can all negatively affect the way your child feels. Has your child had a chiropractic checkup? Chiropractic care can help growing children to stay in alignment and feel happy and healthy. Make sure the school year gets off to a great start by taking your kids in for a chiropractic adjustment!

Learn more about chiropractic care for children and schedule your child’s appointment today.

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